1970 – The Salvation Army created a committee to help become more effective in its ministries to “cultural and racial minorities who were soldiers, adherents and recipients of its social services.”

1978 – The “Committee on Recruiting and Keeping Blacks” was formed.

1983 – The group’s name was changed to “Committee on Ministry to Minorities” and it broadened its efforts to minister more effectively not only to people of African decent, but also to Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans.

1994 – Cross-Cultural Ministries Bureau was formed

1997 – “Cross-Cultural” was changed to “Multi-Cultural”

2008 – On June 25th, the Bureau became the Multi-Cultural Ministries Department


Click here for a PDF article on the history of the Multi-Cultural Ministries Department.


The Central Territory (http://www.usc.salvationarmy.org) is part of a growing landscape where people of different ethnic groups intersect. Given the increasingly cross-cultural / multi-ethnic nature of the Army’s ministries, it is important to understand the cultural heritage, worldview, and needs of these groups in order to minister effectively with and to them.