12 Words that Declare the Wonders of God!


To celebrate God’s beautiful gift of diversity expressed throughout our territory, the territorial intercultural ministries department this year is launching a new project called “Declaring the Wonders of God.”

With approximately 27 languages and dialects spoken in the Central Territory, we want to build cultural awareness and understanding in our corps and other ministry areas.

To that end, we have invited intercultural ministries representatives from all 10 divisions, the Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command and the College for Officer Training to “declare the wonders of God in our own tongues” by sharing a video of a specific word used in worship as expressed by different cultures in their command. The videos will be suitable to accompany a sermon, devotional or other program emphasis by corps.

You can find the monthly word here, and on the USC Intercultural Ministries Facebook page.

Declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues.—Acts 2:11b, NIV


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