Bible & Discipleship Training Seminar

We hope these sessions will be a great tool of leadership training for your Corps/Units

Fall 2017

“Cómo dirigir un estudio bíblico” [How to Lead a Bible Study]

The Fall 2017 Bible & Discipleship Training Seminar webcast is now available for your viewing.  The presenter  for “Cómo dirigir un estudio bíblico” is Alfredo Martinez, Hispanic Ministries Consultant with the territorial Intercultural Ministries Department.  Click on the link to view:

FALL 2016

Two new training opportunities are now available via webinar:

“Todo tiene su tiempo” (A Time for Everything) is presented by Captain Nivia Peredes.
“Caminando mano a mano” (Walking Hand by Hand) is presented by Captain Kerman Moran. 

Click on the link to view them.


We are pleased to announce that The Bible & Discipleship Training Seminar via webcast for Spring 2016, hosted by the Multicultural Ministries Department, is now available for viewing.

Session 1: “El evangelismo como estilo de vida”
[Lifestyle Evangelism], led by Captain Marcelo Orbe.
Session 2: “Quitando la ansiedad en el cristiano”
[How A Christian Can Be Free of Anxiety],  led by Pastor Alberto Giraldo.

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La armadura del cristiano [The Christian’s Armor]         Major Sonia Gonzalez. 
Discipulado como estilo de vida [Lifestyle Discipleship]  Major Johanna Pook.


If you missed the webcast training with Carlos Moran and Alfredo Martinez (Wed. Oct. 29), or with Captain Pedro Arias and Captain Enrique Azuaje (Wed. May 14), the videos are now available here!

“Sharing is Caring” – Captain Pedro Arias:
“Personal Finances” – Captain Enrique Azuaje
“The Full Life in the Spirit” – Carlos Moran
“Leadership through the Spiritual Gifts” –  Alfredo Martinez