For leadership in all areas of ministry and service within The Salvation Army, cross-cultural ministry is the new normal. Leadership intersects increasingly with people of different races, ethnicities and cultures from around the world. And while cultural awareness is important, developing intercultural competencies, or the ability to minister in culturally sensitive and appropriate ways, is essential.

Multicultural Ministries is integral to all areas of the Salvation Army. The Multicultural Ministries Department seeks to provide support for these ministries through consultations with corps (churches), providing resources, and offering cross-cultural training at the local, divisional and territorial levels. Through these means, we strive to equip officers, employees, and volunteers in developing intercultural competence.

We view the cultural diversity represented within the Central Territory (Midwest region) as an asset, and a fuller reflection of the God who created us all. Our mission calls us to love and challenges us to serve “without discrimination”. And we approach our ministry with this in mind. All people are invited to share their gifts and to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.