Conversations designed to be more than just a one-time event, but an ongoing guide for the journey.

Sacred Conversations on Race, Culture, and Reconciliation

SACRED CONVERSATIONS ON RACE, CULTURE AND RECONCILIATION is a resource designed to assist officers, soldiers, and employees to have gracious conversations around the complex and sensitive topic of race, our racial histories, and racial reconciliation. These conversations will be enriched by gathering   people from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. Taking into consideration that such conversations about race can be difficult, and at times, uncomfortable, the format is designed with this reality in mind. The sessions begin with the “basic” questions and build to deeper levels of engagement with each session. The sessions are also designed so that the novice, as well as the more experienced, can enter the conversation in meaningful ways. It is our hope that knowledge will be gained, perspectives enlarged, understanding deepened, and bridges built towards a lasting reconciliation.

The guide offers ten sessions that are approximately 1 hour in length, but can be adjusted for time. Also guidelines are provided for creating safe spaces and for small group facilitation.

Access the guide here: sacred-conversations-raceculturereconciliation




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