Undivided: Body of Christ

Cultural Awareness Week (Jan. 14-20) 2019

UNDIVIDED: Body of Christ –Lt. Colonel Philip Maxwell, Secretary for Program of the USA Central Territory, says these words: “…Turn on the news at any given day, any given time, you will see reflected a fractured world. Country against country. Nation against nation. Community against community. This was never how God intended it to be.”

If there is one place where we hope for and look for expressions of love, acceptance, and respect, it is within the body of Christ. Mark 3:25 says, “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

During our Cultural Awareness Week (January 14-20, 2019), we invite you to consider what it means to be a part of a community.  Questions to consider are “What builds community?”“What tears down community?”Moreover, “What gives you hope?”As you consider these questions, think about this call to action: What will you do to build a Christ-like community—one that accepts and respects others and gives hope.

A variety of program resources is provided and can be adapted to your corps programs and your Sunday meeting. A video, focusing on Community, will be available for January 2019. Resources are in English and in Spanish.

Cultural Awareness Week Resources 2019


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